A private/semi-private yoga session is ideal for gaining a deeper understanding of postures, alignment, and your body within the postures. We will explore individual goals, barriers, and do a physical assessment with recommendations. 

Yoga Semi/Privates

The practice of yoga can serve as a powerful tool for helping us heal some of our deepest heartbreaks. Our emotional wounds can profoundly affect our daily lives, as well as our ability to forge connections with others and experience genuine freedom.

The tradition of yoga offers both a philosophical perspective as well as a practical path towards presence, and hence towards healing that which keeps us from presence.

No previous experience with yoga necessary; just the curiosity to go within.

Yoga for the Wounded Heart Reading & Workshop

Yoga for the Wounded Heart Coaching is based on the principles and application of the Yoga Sutras, and the use of various modalities including mindfulness, breath work, visualization, and EFT. 


We will:
-Examine the nature of practice
-Establish sustainable practices
-Explore personal barriers to healing
-Create a container of support for our healing
-Explore exercises that can be used in personal practice or in relationship with others
Coaching is ideal for anyone dealing with: 

-Family/Relationship Dysfunction
-Disordered Eating
-A desire to make life more meaningful
-A willingness to dive in

*Sessions happen either in Tatiana’s Long Island office, or remotely through Skype/Zoom

Coaching Semi/Privates

This seminar is devoted to the examination of the principal text of yoga philosophy, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We being by an exploration of “what is yoga philosophy” and move into an examination of the foundational teachings of Patanjali’s Sutras


Advanced module is intended for yoga teachers who have already completed a 200hr certification and have been teaching longer than one year. This variation explores the relationship of the sturas to teaching pedagogy and delves into the following questions: why do we teach? What is integrated teaching? How and why are the Sutras a guide to our teaching?

Yoga Philosophy Seminar YTT 100/200/500hr

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